My Dearest Friend

My dearest friend is not far away
My dearest friend has come to stay
He’s found a room in my heart
And He never stops beating to the rhythm of His own drum

His drum beats and encourages me
I find Him there when I am weak
Pounding away with all His strength,
It is Him who teaches me to do the same.

It is His heart beat strong inside of me
It is His mother who leads and guides me
It is His faith that won what the lack of mine took away
It is His face that makes me change.

He is my Jesus and He lives inside of me
What can I do without the One Bridegroom?
It’s not that He was made for me,
But I was created for Him.

I am the Bride, and in me, He sees His own light
Because He became man and took on flesh,
He was able to offer Himself to me
So we are one, from now until eternity.

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Dark Night of the Soul is a way of Purgation

I was reading the Dark Night of the Soul the other day and I was inspired by St. John of the Cross’ image to represent the process of purgation through contemplation. He used the analogy that God is a painter and man as the subject of His study. If we get up and distract ourselves with other things, we stop the process of re-creation. God is not just Creator in past tense; He is Creator still. If we allow Him to have His way with us in this life, we surrender to the purgation process now and we will be a new creation in Christ. As St. Paul says, “He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil 1:6).  This image of the Painter gazing at His creation and continuing the masterpiece inspired my poem below.

I sit, unable to move in Your presence for Your face is my delight
My lover’s eyes are upon me as He studies mine.
How can I waiver from Your touch?
Your hand caresses my face and I fall into Your embrace.

As I rest my head upon Your chest, I feel your Grace running through my veins, starting at my heart.
Like a waterfall You pour Yourself into me and cleanse me; the healing imparts.
There is nothing I  can do, but admire You.
Like a lover, You meet me face to face and I will never be the same.

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My Cocoon

I have changed because Grace has transformed me.

I’ve been blessed to fall in love with God all over again. This time was like no other. My current call is to be still and know that He is God. I am caught in a place where only transformation is possible. I will be stuck in this phase until it is complete. I know God can change my heart; change me, and I believe that is what He has planned for me.

Inside my cocoon, I cannot move
I’m caught between the ground and a tree
Hanging upside down, I cannot see clearly
I am only looking at what’s here

The sunlight shining through the veil of your love
You have wrapped me so tight, I know you are near

Breathe Your breath into me
Love me.

As I exhale, you transform my life
As my body shrinks, I feel you reshaping me
As my wings are formed, I must be-
Still, silent, sorrowful… for it hurts.

Everything hurts, but feels so good.
I know your light is transforming me
Let the spectrum of color be born in my cocoon;
From the inside, until I get out.

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Covenant love

Learning to love is not an easy task. It takes good examples, commitment and time. Good examples can be found in our parents, friends, or community.

This weekend, I witness covenant love at the City of the Lord Convocation. My heart was annihilated and destroyed… in a good way. I am not sure what is left… All I know is the heart beating in my chest is not the same.

Below is a poem describe what I saw in the faces of this community. It is similar to what I encounter often at Mass during the sign of peace.

In your face I see a smile; I see a peace.
I recognize you though I know you not.
You are a daughter, you are a son of the living God;
Your face shines brightly with His love.

Cheers to the Grace God has given and will continue to give.

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Candy Hearts

I never liked the candy hearts made for Valentine’s Day. Sure, I like to be told sweet things, but I am not impressed with imprints on a piece of candy that does not taste good.

The older I get, the more I realize that true love is worth waiting for and anything that tries to imitate it, sucks. I don’t want a man to offer me a cold, hard, fake heart when the King of kings offers me his heart fully ruptured on the cross and shares in the Eucharist. I don’t want a man who feeds me lines, flirts with me, but doesn’t hold 2 cents to his word. I want the man who lives the Gospel and imitates Christ. It will take a strong man to carry out selfless sacrifice, but I know he will find me and love me like Christ loves the Church.

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re single (not married), consider offering up a Rosary for your vocation and/or your future spouse. Mary is there to intercede for us, lead and protect us. The power of the Rosary can purify your heart and spirit so you can receive the grace you need to have a beautiful day- with or without flowers and a sweetheart.

St. Valentine pray for us. Let romance live. Let candy hearts go back to where they came from.

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Memories of the Heart

Simply lovely– Your Face in all its ways.
Simply beautiful– Your breathe seeking my lungs
So exquisite your kiss and lips on my head.
So loving, my God. What do you want from my heart?

I lay here in silence unable to move.
My mind is racing; my heart beats for You.
You prompt my soul to rewind and let go
Of all the past pains and hurts.

We traveled through my life last night and I wanted to scream,
But every time I experienced what I didn’t want, we claimed Victory.
The Victory of the cross replaced my past and you covered my memory in a white veil.

When I look back, I no longer see what was real.
I see Your peace, Your love, our joy.
You were with me there;
Your angels shielded me in my worst moments.

You are my salvation.
You casts my sins as far as the east is from the west.
Then you showed me the work you completed with my heart.
Purer light I’ve never seen that the swords of light you shot through my heart as you held it in Your hands.

So peaceful, so wonderful!
My Healer, You are in me.
Completing this work every moment.
All memories you deal with for me.

Praise God! He is ready and willing to re-create our hearts and instill in us peace.

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My Mother: Our Lady of Grace

Our Mother draws us close

Mother Mary
You hold me close as I rest upon your shoulder,
Close to your  heart

I hear every beat proclaiming Christ’s love.
You are His Pure Vessel
You come to us as a gift, as a mother–
Someone to love in our deepest hearts.

Your Spouse awakens our desires
As you confirm them with your eyes
Show us the way, point us to Christ

How wonderful to study Your Body
Consecrated with His Blood.
From the start you held Grace in your womb
You continue to share it with us.

So Blessed are You, Our Mother
Queen of Heaven and Earth.
God’s crown of creation.

For all women, you demonstrate our true worth.

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