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LT Missionary Pam and I

This summer I had the opportunity to live my dream… working for Life Teen.

Although I was on staff temporarily, I learned more from that experience than I might have learned in 4 years.  Taking time to surrender to God and pray with others is an amazing grace in life.

I spent time with Life Teen missionaries on fire for God and ready to offer their heart to you fully during conversation. My favorite part of the summer was interviewing these missionaries for a podcast I did for the Life Teen website.

Along with doing podcasts, I got to sit and write for hours. At first it was frustrating because I wanted to say so much at one time… but then I started to pray about what God wanted me to share with the teens and it came together.

The blogs I wrote this summer was not my skills, it was God’s grace. As they are posted I will link them to this site.

Here are the ones that are out already:

Holy Romance: 4 Ways You can Start Your Romance with God

Want Heaven’s Area Code? 5 Ways to Talk to God

Plastic Roses: The Bachelor and True Love

Modern Mission Podcast

Holy Boldness

More coming soon.


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