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Include God in Your Maze

Healing Rain

Healing tears of rain falling on my face.
I cannot hide my shame that I’ve made.
So easily I embraced the lie; So easily I pushed it aside.
Now it falls down, for the ground has run dry.

You pull me up and hold my face
You tell me I am beautiful and forget the shame.
You take my cross and carry me;
You are so strong when I am weak.

Clouds are not as sweet as your healing rain
Let it fall on me and take away the pain
When the storm clears, I can see your face
Then I know I am truly loved in spite of my maze.

The days your head is clouded with emotions are the days nothing is clear. How is it that so many thoughts can cloud the one thought that needs to be dealt with? It’s a collage. Collages are not easy to look at when you are trying to spot one particular picture. Sometimes I feel like I am lost in a maze of emotions and the only way to get out is to pray. I am not saying that is what I do. When you’re in the maze, you stumble around for a bit and seem to think you’re on your way out… then you hit another dead end. Today was one of those days and finally I took a seat in the middle of the maze and gave up. I put all my thoughts aside and just sat. I was asking for a wake up call. Unfortunately I got it.

God revealed the importance of casting my cares on Him daily. I need to take time to write out my cares and pray through my thoughts. When I don’t, I get lost in a maze of negative emotions. All day God was waiting for me to give him my stress, irritability, hopes, worries… instead I wallowed in my shame of past mistakes.

The good news is… I learned a few lessons today. One being… include God in everything!
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One thought on “Include God in Your Maze

  1. I loved reading is so applicable to my life and I ‘m sure others. Thank you for sharing….I’m glad loves us in spite of us

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