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Holy Reminder: When things don’t go my way

When we try to take control of our lives, everything falls apart. Part of my 2011 challenge is to TRUST God. I made this commitment, but as I stumble around trying to find the light, I’ve fallen a few times. I must remember Christ is my light and He is deep inside.

I found myself reciting the poem below in my heart today. It came to me because I am just trying to get through these stressful days one step at a time and I am clinging onto faith that it will work out.  I know I need to give it to God and let go, but my hands are grasping for control while my soul is yearning to rest in the Lord.  Sometimes we need a holy reminder that God is patiently waiting to take our burdens. I hope this can be that for you.

Take one step at a time
I can barely breathe
Keep moving as if I were not dead
Keep moving to the beat of the living…
Keep moving.

Keep wiping away my tears,
Tears of blood
With every ounce filled with pain.
If only one tear drop fell,
It would contain enough pain for a dying scream to be heard across all mountains.

Every mountain knows my pain
For God is found there
And He watches with reserved fate in the snow capped tops
God watches in His silence

As I dig desperately to reach the earth’s core
He tells me the time is now

To let go of this earth
With my hands sunk so deep
I came so close,
But I was fighting alone

God reached out His hand and tapped me
While I had my face buried in the sand…

He pulled me up and told me
To put my world back in his hands.

And so I give You all my worries, I cast my cares on You for You care for me Lord. Thank You for the blessings You will give when I put my trust in You.


One thought on “Holy Reminder: When things don’t go my way

  1. I can TOTALLY relate right now! I have been anxious all week and I am trying to teach myself to leave my worries at God’s feet. Taize prayer helped last night because it was focused on “Be still and know I am God…” It is quiet, meditative, candlelight and chanting. Instead of spinning out I need to find God as my center, breathe and you’re right – trust! Thanks

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