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Resting in the Spirit: I’m in Better Hands Now

Are you fire, are you fury, are you sacred are you beautiful… what do I know of Holy? -Addison Road

Last night, I attended a Taize Prayer gathering at St. Patricks and I walked into an amazing experience. The first song was Veni, Sancte Spiritus; come Holy Spirit in Latin. I did not know the meaning until the leader cantered in English “Come Holy Spirit.” That made the Latin words so much more powerful and I begun to rest in the Spirit. By the third song, I was in total peace and I couldn’t move for about 30 mins. It was a beautiful experience.

Something I learned through my experience last night is how powerful it is to sing in the universal language of the church.

In my Bible study class we read about the tower of Babal and how powerful it was for people to have the same language. The problem was these people were prideful and attempting to do evil; therefore God scrambled their language.

So if the Church (God’s Kingdom on Earth) has a universal language to praise God… How much more powerful that is. That is the opposite of what the devil tried to do at the tower of Babal; therefore, the one thing he hates the most is a universal language to talk about God.

When I was singing in Latin, I knew all the Saints before me had sung these words and I felt like I was singing with them beckoning the Spirit to dwell in me. Going in with no intentions, I came into the Spirit and spent time with God. The things He told me while I rested were like a dream, but one I will always remember. The lyrics that keep coming to mind are, “Take this heart of mine, there’s no doubt… I’m in better hands now” -Natalie Grant.

True Presence

I enter in, I find Your peace
I feel the Spirit heavy on me
So beautiful as I fall in deep
Nothing around me becokons me

Only Your Spirit as it speaks to me
Only Your Love as it covers me

Your Words quench my curiosity
You never once ignore me
When you wish me silent, I am
When you open me to questions, You draw me in.

I am silent, still and I am set free
When You set Your Fire inside of me.

The next time you are given an opportunity to praise God in a new way, take it. God is so faithful; all we have to do is be willing and He shows us amazing things.


3 thoughts on “Resting in the Spirit: I’m in Better Hands Now

  1. I remember my first Taize prayer, it’s a fond memory… a true friend, a friend that helped shaped me fundamentally before I ever realized it… a friend I lost, so caught up in my own life…I wasn’t there for him when he needed me the way he always was for me…

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