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Holy Mother’s Day: Comforter for all

Like a good mother, Mary comforts all

What kind of mother’s day card do you pick out? Is it a funny one to see her smile, a simple one to attach to a gift or a heartfelt one that makes her tear up? When I go to the store, the one that makes me tear up is the one I buy.

Every Mother’s day I reflect on how grateful I am to have a mother who loves me and shares the truth of Christ in her actions and words. It’s on days like this that I mourn for those who don’t have what I have… but then I remember and give thanks that they all have the opportunity to know our Holy Mother.

Growing up I did not know the significance of understanding and having a relationship with Mary, the Mother of God. Even when I converted to Catholicism, she was the last on my list. It saddens me to reflect on this, but I cannot express the importance without explaining the process.

I did not accept the appearances of Mary around the world until another summer staff volunteer told me the story of Our Lady of Fatima in 2006. I may have heard of the mention of Mary appearing as a child, but it was easy to not believe in something that was not in the Bible.

When we pick and choose the goodness we wish to embrace, we become judges instead of lovers. When my step-father was living in Peru, he was instructed by the Virgin how to protect himself on a day where he would be the only survivor in a terrorist attack. He was saved because he listened to our Blessed Mother. Though it was the first time he felt close to Mary, his obedience and acceptance of the grace she held out to him saved his life and the well being of my family.

I am eternally grateful for Mary’s choice to be a guiding light in our broken world. Like our own mothers, she stands up for justice. She pleads at Jesus’ side for our sake. Even when we don’t bring her our intentions, with a discerning heart, she sees what we need and brings it to us with open arms.

I thank God every time I think of my father; that He allowed Mary to come to him, protect him and lead him to our family. I am hungry for the experience to witness the trail of petals that leads to Out Lady’s presence in Fatima and Lourdes. I am yearning for the day when Mary will appear to me in a vision again. Like our relationship with God, Mary draws near to us when she sees an opening in our hearts. Like a gentle lady, she will not force her way into our lives, but if invited in, she will sit and stay for all time.


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