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The Night is Darkest before the Dawn

The night is darkest before the dawn. This is a comforting saying I’ve been told during hard times in my life. It never gets old.

Scientifically it is not true; spiritually it is. When we go through hard times in our life, we feel stuck in darkness like it is never going to end. That is when it is the darkest in our souls; when we hit rock bottom.

The readings have focused on Good Shepherd and the Holy Spirit the last few weeks. A few weeks ago, I heard a homily about Christ never leaving our side.  Though I knew this, it was comforting to hear it again. Sometimes we need to be reminded of Christ’s availability as a Good Shepherd in our lives. We need to take the time to pray and reach out for His hand.

When I am following God, things make sense. Even when it’s dark and the future is unknown, I know I am going where He desires and it will be worth following.


When I follow my God, I know not where we go
All I know is I can trust His hold.
When I follow my God, I am careful to not let go
Of His hand that guides me to the unknown.

Sometimes I see a flashlight and leave His side.
So I can discover what’s in my sight.
Slowly the light fades and I’m left in the dark
But He comes to my side and waits for my heart.

For my heart to yearn for Him and trust Him
So I can follow again.
Until we reach the destination
Then start over again.

Following the Good Shepard is a never ending task. If we want to end up in paradise, we need to be able to walk through the valley of shadow and death. This world isn’t always pretty and nice. We need to rely on the one Spirit that fills us with eternal life.


One thought on “The Night is Darkest before the Dawn

  1. I love your poem….. It is so beautifully written with nice allegories. It is wonderful to know that God through Jesus has unlimited patience when we are off tract and leads us back to Him.. When the Holy Spirit convicts us it is always positive and leads back to God our Father.

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