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Open doors: Let the Spirit lead.

If God opens the door, how can I not walk through?

I’ve always had a hard time making decisions. Currently my life is full of opportunities and blessings. I am wondering which will stick. Instead of sitting passively by, waiting for some to fall through, maybe I should aggressively pursue a few.

Tomorrow is a beautiful day full of questions that need answers. I have come to realize if answers ring clear in your heart giving clarity on thoughts and concerns, it is the only reason you need to dive in head first.

I’m waiting for the bells.

Waiting for the bells
Waiting for the truth
Waiting for the door to open so I can walk through.

Waiting on direction
Waiting on a sign
Waiting for the Lord to lead so I don’t have to decide.

I am waiting on my path
Waiting to see clearly
But sometimes what feels right is all we need.

Waiting on clarity,
Waiting for strength
Certainty won’t come, but the Comforter makes no mistake.


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