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Spiritual Sisterhood Starts in the Heart

My sister and I during Christmas 2009

My sister and I are extremely close. So close that we often don’t need words; we only need laughter. We are not only sisters in blood; we are sisters in our hearts.

I have been contemplating the brokenness with my sisters in Christ compared to my relationship with my sister. Today I realized that I don’t offer the same standard of love to my sisters in Christ as I do with my “real” family.

Perhaps it is because no one compares to my sister, or maybe it is because I don’t offer the same compassion and mercy I give to my family; therefore, it has been difficult to connect with all my sisters in Christ up to this point in my life. I get restless in my relationships when I have been hurt or feel like I am being rejected.

Today I was reflecting on my relationship with my sister and I recalled the tears we shed together. I remember the apologies that followed and I remember the laughter that soon returned. When you’re in it for the long-haul, no simple anxiety, mistake or act of insensitivity can overcome the commitment to love.

This is the type of love and forgiveness we are called to offer our brothers and sisters in Christ, but too often I witness fear instead.  It has taken me years to recognize this disregard of opportunity in my own life; I know there is a need for change. I feel God transforming my heart through prayer and practice. I am stepping out of my safety zone to reach out to my ladies in Christ and offer support, love, and forgiveness when needed. We are, after all, united through the same blood; the blood of Christ.

I have a special friend who is a beautiful example of a sister in Christ- not just to me but every young woman in her life. She laughs readily with her sisters at heart and responds with love and affection you only expect to find in a friend of years. I feel like I have encountered the presence of a best friend I can open my heart to and share my goofy side with. She has the gift of spiritual sisterhood and I pray I can learn how to open my heart to others the way she has.

Here is a poem about loving our sisters in Christ:

Enlighten the path; show the way.
Hold out your lamp- don’t walk away.

Get comfortable when others run-
Embrace the pain; allow love.

Close your eyes and laugh with tears.
Affirm my crazy, wild ideas.

Be a sister, if only in our hearts.
Confirm Christ’s presence and call to love.

Enlighten the path; show the way
Lovingly guide me away from mistakes.


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