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Memories of the Heart

Simply lovely– Your Face in all its ways.
Simply beautiful– Your breathe seeking my lungs
So exquisite your kiss and lips on my head.
So loving, my God. What do you want from my heart?

I lay here in silence unable to move.
My mind is racing; my heart beats for You.
You prompt my soul to rewind and let go
Of all the past pains and hurts.

We traveled through my life last night and I wanted to scream,
But every time I experienced what I didn’t want, we claimed Victory.
The Victory of the cross replaced my past and you covered my memory in a white veil.

When I look back, I no longer see what was real.
I see Your peace, Your love, our joy.
You were with me there;
Your angels shielded me in my worst moments.

You are my salvation.
You casts my sins as far as the east is from the west.
Then you showed me the work you completed with my heart.
Purer light I’ve never seen that the swords of light you shot through my heart as you held it in Your hands.

So peaceful, so wonderful!
My Healer, You are in me.
Completing this work every moment.
All memories you deal with for me.

Praise God! He is ready and willing to re-create our hearts and instill in us peace.


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