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Candy Hearts

I never liked the candy hearts made for Valentine’s Day. Sure, I like to be told sweet things, but I am not impressed with imprints on a piece of candy that does not taste good.

The older I get, the more I realize that true love is worth waiting for and anything that tries to imitate it, sucks. I don’t want a man to offer me a cold, hard, fake heart when the King of kings offers me his heart fully ruptured on the cross and shares in the Eucharist. I don’t want a man who feeds me lines, flirts with me, but doesn’t hold 2 cents to his word. I want the man who lives the Gospel and imitates Christ. It will take a strong man to carry out selfless sacrifice, but I know he will find me and love me like Christ loves the Church.

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re single (not married), consider offering up a Rosary for your vocation and/or your future spouse. Mary is there to intercede for us, lead and protect us. The power of the Rosary can purify your heart and spirit so you can receive the grace you need to have a beautiful day- with or without flowers and a sweetheart.

St. Valentine pray for us. Let romance live. Let candy hearts go back to where they came from.


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