Catholic Blogs

My Cocoon

I have changed because Grace has transformed me.

I’ve been blessed to fall in love with God all over again. This time was like no other. My current call is to be still and know that He is God. I am caught in a place where only transformation is possible. I will be stuck in this phase until it is complete. I know God can change my heart; change me, and I believe that is what He has planned for me.

Inside my cocoon, I cannot move
I’m caught between the ground and a tree
Hanging upside down, I cannot see clearly
I am only looking at what’s here

The sunlight shining through the veil of your love
You have wrapped me so tight, I know you are near

Breathe Your breath into me
Love me.

As I exhale, you transform my life
As my body shrinks, I feel you reshaping me
As my wings are formed, I must be-
Still, silent, sorrowful… for it hurts.

Everything hurts, but feels so good.
I know your light is transforming me
Let the spectrum of color be born in my cocoon;
From the inside, until I get out.


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