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Dark Night of the Soul is a way of Purgation

I was reading the Dark Night of the Soul the other day and I was inspired by St. John of the Cross’ image to represent the process of purgation through contemplation. He used the analogy that God is a painter and man as the subject of His study. If we get up and distract ourselves with other things, we stop the process of re-creation. God is not just Creator in past tense; He is Creator still. If we allow Him to have His way with us in this life, we surrender to the purgation process now and we will be a new creation in Christ. As St. Paul says, “He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil 1:6).  This image of the Painter gazing at His creation and continuing the masterpiece inspired my poem below.

I sit, unable to move in Your presence for Your face is my delight
My lover’s eyes are upon me as He studies mine.
How can I waiver from Your touch?
Your hand caresses my face and I fall into Your embrace.

As I rest my head upon Your chest, I feel your Grace running through my veins, starting at my heart.
Like a waterfall You pour Yourself into me and cleanse me; the healing imparts.
There is nothing I  can do, but admire You.
Like a lover, You meet me face to face and I will never be the same.


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