Catholic Poetry · Poems

My Dearest Friend

My dearest friend is not far away
My dearest friend has come to stay
He’s found a room in my heart
And He never stops beating to the rhythm of His own drum

His drum beats and encourages me
I find Him there when I am weak
Pounding away with all His strength,
It is Him who teaches me to do the same.

It is His heart beat strong inside of me
It is His mother who leads and guides me
It is His faith that won what the lack of mine took away
It is His face that makes me change.

He is my Jesus and He lives inside of me
What can I do without the One Bridegroom?
It’s not that He was made for me,
But I was created for Him.

I am the Bride, and in me, He sees His own light
Because He became man and took on flesh,
He was able to offer Himself to me
So we are one, from now until eternity.


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