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The Healing Process: Bleeding wings

Have you noticed that butterflies take a while to get free from their cocoon? She struggles to be free, she even bleeds. It’s a redemptive suffering; a process of growth. In the beginning of the journey, there is darkness. She can no longer stand the safety of her cocoon.  In her solitude, she is hungry… but the… Continue reading The Healing Process: Bleeding wings

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Open doors: Let the Spirit lead.

If God opens the door, how can I not walk through? I’ve always had a hard time making decisions. Currently my life is full of opportunities and blessings. I am wondering which will stick. Instead of sitting passively by, waiting for some to fall through, maybe I should aggressively pursue a few. Tomorrow is a beautiful day full… Continue reading Open doors: Let the Spirit lead.

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Holy Month: Stripped, burdened, restored.

My life has been stripped. I suffered with Christ this Easter and Holy week. I was not an observer, I was a participant. God prepared the way for me when I lost my job before Palm Sunday. My service during Holy Week with Mission Youth was interrupted when I got sick. It was a challenge… Continue reading Holy Month: Stripped, burdened, restored.