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My Mother: Our Lady of Grace

Mother Mary You hold me close as I rest upon your shoulder, Close to your  heart I hear every beat proclaiming Christ’s love. You are His Pure Vessel You come to us as a gift, as a mother– Someone to love in our deepest hearts. Your Spouse awakens our desires As you confirm them with… Continue reading My Mother: Our Lady of Grace

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Spiritual Sisterhood Starts in the Heart

My sister and I are extremely close. So close that we often don’t need words; we only need laughter. We are not only sisters in blood; we are sisters in our hearts. I have been contemplating the brokenness with my sisters in Christ compared to my relationship with my sister. Today I realized that I don’t offer… Continue reading Spiritual Sisterhood Starts in the Heart

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The Healing Process: Bleeding wings

Have you noticed that butterflies take a while to get free from their cocoon? She struggles to be free, she even bleeds. It’s a redemptive suffering; a process of growth. In the beginning of the journey, there is darkness. She can no longer stand the safety of her cocoon.  In her solitude, she is hungry… but the… Continue reading The Healing Process: Bleeding wings